Hashes in Ruby

The Hash class is a built-in Ruby object instances of which (hashes) are dedicated to storing and retrieving values under specific keys.

Commonly hashes in Ruby are created using literal constructors.

student_grades = {
  michael: 'A',
  amy: 'A+',
  anthony: 'B'

In the above example symbols are used as keys and the notation michael: A is tantamount to :michael => 'A' where the symbol :michael is a key and the string 'A' is a value. In addition to symbols strings are commonly used as Ruby hashes' keys.

:[] method is used to retrieve a value stored under a specific key. Remember that the symbol :michael is not the same key as the string 'michael'.

student_grades[:michael] # => "A"
student_grades['michael'] # => nil

:[]= method is used to store a new key-value pair in an existing hash.

student_grades[:jenny] = 'C' # => C

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