How to Learn JavaScript?

How to Learn JavaScript?

JavaScript (aka JS, aka ECMAScript, aka ES) is one of the most important programming languages of the modern world and - along with the HTTP protocol, HTML markup language, and CSS styling language - one of the building blocks of the modern Internet. JavaScript is both a client-side (aka frontend) and server-side (aka backend) language. Here you will find out the precisely selected linked resources that will allow you to learn JavaScript step-by-step. Further, most of the resources listed are free.

Codecademy Learn JavaScript

Not only is the Codecademy course "Learn JavaScript" free it also enforces us actually to code and not only to passively receive information. The course is divided into lessons and to get to the next one it is necessary to code your way in.

You'll find the course here: Codecademy Learn JavaScript. Have fun!

YouTube JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners

There are tonnes of tutorial resources on YouTube. We have selected the one enabling a quick dip into the world of JavaScript. The video answers what is JavaScript, how to set up a development environment, what is the connection with JavaScript and browsers, and introduces basic concepts of the language.

W3C Tutorial

W3Schools is a site offering many free programming tutorials. The JavaScript programming tutorial simply introduces the basic syntax, data types, variables, functions, objects, arrays, prototypes, modules, and many others. What makes the W3Schools tutorial compelling is it is to the point, real-world applicable, and without any impractical theoreticizing.

You can find the W3Schools tutorial here: W3Schools Learn JavaScript.

Codecademy Learn Intermediate JavaScript

Yet another great interactive course from Codecademy. This time on the intermediate level. The course covers classes, modules, promises, requests, handling errors, and even some JavaScript under the hood processes.

To start the course go to Learn Intermediate JavaScript and start your intermediate JavaScript journey.

The Definitive Guide

Whew! That was a lot of learning! Now it's time for something serious! A book!

The one that soundof.IT recommends it JavaScript The Definitive Guide, 7th edition. The book is considered a classic and in-depth depiction of the JavaScript world.

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