Inheritance in CSS

What is Inheritance in CSS?

As outlined in the above chapters, style rules are associated with elements through the usage of inline CSS and/or through the usage of internal/external CSS together with selectors. In addition to that, style rules are being associated with elements through inheritance.

In CSS, inheritance is a mechanism of associating style rules that are applied to a given ancestor element to the descendants of that element in the document tree (a given element A is considered to be descendant of another element B when the element A is nested in the element B).

Inheritance of Text-Related Properties

Generally, the text-related properties are inherited.

The inherited properties include in particular:

  • visibility,

  • text-align,

  • text-indent,

  • text-transform,

  • word-spacing,

  • letter-spacing,

  • white-space,

  • line-height,

  • font,

  • color, and

  • list-style.

Non-Inheritance of Box-Related Properties

Generally, the box-related properties are not inherited.

The non-inherited properties include in particular:

  • display,

  • position,

  • z-index,

  • margin,

  • float,

  • clear,

  • width,

  • max-width,

  • min-width,

  • height,

  • max-height,

  • min-height,

  • outline,

  • border,

  • padding,

  • background,

  • overflow,

  • vertical-align,

  • text-decoration (a text related property).

Controlling Inheritance

It is possible to expressly indicate whether a given property should be inherited or not by using the following keywords:

  • inherit - sets the property as inheritable irrespective of its default behavior,

  • initial - sets the property value to its default value specified in the CSS specifications (not browser defaults - vide What is use of 'initial' value in CSS?),

  • unset - sets the property inheritability to the one specified in CSS specifications (i.e. its default inheritability as outlined in the above chapters), and

  • revert - sets the property value to the browser's default.

For example:

p {
  overflow: inherit;

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